About Biankini

Biankini Village Resort was established in 2002 by Dina Dagan, a strong, Zionistic woman who sees herself as the successor of General Angelo Levi Bianchini, in building of and love for the country, and making the wilderness bloom. The village is managed and operated by Dina and her sons, and a broad, diverse staff made up of all ethnic groups and religions. The village resort is designed to enable its guests to rest, relax and enjoy themselves. The resort consists of 67 accommodation rooms of various kinds, Dead Sea sales, a camping site, conference and occasion halls, a restaurant and more.

How it all began

Biankini was established in 1995 as a pub restaurant in the center of Jerusalem. In May 2001 a terrorist attack was thwarted by Dina Dagan, when she removed a powerful explosive device planted in the pub. Thus saving the lives of about 200 people – youths present there at the time, employees and additional passersby. With the increase in terror attacks, the bustling streets of Jerusalem gradually came to a halt, along with the local businesses. This made her decide to move Biankini to the northern part of the Dead Sea, a place where there is light, tranquility, and potential for positive, fruitful activity.


Dina’s dream

“I have a dream – to make a better world for future generations, a world that is tranquil and pleasant to live in. I believe that we are a small nation with a big heart. I open my heart and this unique place to all ethnic groups and religions, in the hope of bringing people together, and creating cooperation and coexistence. With this hope, vision and love I have created for you, out of nothing, a paradise in a barren, desolate place. Nature has created golden sunrises, ivory desert mountains and a sea of turquoise waters.

Feminine wisdom according to Dina
“This amounts to the ability to accommodate the other, accept and affirm myself and the environment, see the good in everything and let things happen. The core of my wisdom is the faith I have in myself and in the other. Quite often, I have let matters reach the brink of disaster but then, at just the right moment, all my senses were triggered out of deep trust in myself and the idea that things always work out for me, that the circumstances will bring good things.”