In the heart of the Judean Desert, on the shore of the Dead Sea,
the most perfect smells are cooked and emanated,
in the unique flavors of Dina Dagan.
The Biankini Restaurant spreads the magic of Morocco in spices, flavors and authenticity.

A special Moroccan restaurant run by the chef, Dina Dagan,
where a meeting of Eastern and Western cultures takes place.
The restaurant is of Moroccan design – arches, flooring, decorated wall, stained glass windows, chandeliers, authentic serving dishes and much-loved music – all designed to make you feel as though you were on vacation in enchanting Morocco…


מסעדה בים המלח
צימרים במדבר לזוגות

Adjacent to the restaurant, on the Dead Sea shore, you can sit and have a good time by the sea,
on a huge decorated terrace.
No. of seating places: up to 450 people

Welcome to the Arabian Nights legend

Style: home cooked dishes, Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine
Weekends and holidays: free buffets
Weekdays: A rich and varied menu
Location: Biankini Beach, northern Dead Sea
The restaurant is Kosher with certification and an in-house Kosher Supervisor (Mashgiach)